Books of 2019 #1

March 5, 2019 Books Comments

A year ago I wrote about my intention to read more books. I am quite proud to say that all the books in the picture I posted back then are crossed off my reading list. I recently bought a new book case and I hardly have any room left already, so it’s safe to say it’s going quite well on the reading front! I do still have to urge myself consciously to really make time to read, and so here’s another post to help motivate myself by setting some goals.

Let me start with a quick note on what I’m currently reading: Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I’m loving it. Really – it’s so intriguing to read how she grew up, and how much she’s accomplished throughout her life. I was very excited about getting to know her through her book, but I do have to say that I was confused a little when I heard that attending her stadium book tour sets people back at least 150 euros. Man. That’s a lot of money to ask from people.

But anyway! I have a new list of books I want to read and a new way to keep myself entertained and educated: I read somewhere that if you want to read more, it can be helpful to pick a general theme. And so I decided to pick out some countries I find interesting – be it as a vacation destination, a culture that is completely different from my own, or a politically interesting country, and buy books based on that.

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