You would be surprised if I told you how many times I’ve written an About page. In fact, I’d be surprised too, because I can’t even remember. I started my first blog when I was around 12 years old, and have started and quit many after that.

The past few years I have gone without a blog without missing it; probably because I was constantly making websites for others and thus still spending enough time creating online spaces. However, since I have taken a break from web design, I feel eager to at least try to pick it up again.

So here I am again! My name is Indira, working in Rotterdam and living just 5 minutes away from it. I love music, movies and food and spend more money on all three than I should. Having just moved into a new place, my search history is full of Pinterest, interior design, how many times to water your plants,  and more of such things.

Things I come across – either in my thoughts, or online, or somewhere in my daily life – I will post on my blog, hopefully on a regular routine-ish basis, but I won’t make any promises.