Three shows worth (re-)watching

August 4, 2019 Culture Comments

In this age of Netflix, HBO, and other providers of constant entertainment, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the endless options. Here are three of my personal oldies but goldies when it comes to television shows. These are the shows I would turn to if I don’t feel like plunging into yet another new show.

One Tree Hill

Were you a Friends type? Or were you one of those people who watched The O.C.? Or wait, Gilmore Girls? I didn’t care for any of those – I was too busy going crazy over One Tree Hill. I watched it before, during, and after I was supposed to study in high school. I was completely addicted! Sometimes I just start in some random season and watch a few episodes just to see those characters again. I have never loved and also hated fictional characters so much.

Funny how when you rewatch these old series, the quality is terrible and the screen size is 4:3. The nostalgia!

Army Wives

This is probably the most beautiful (and emotional) show I have ever watched. It had me feeling everything from joy to sadness and from hysterical laughter to anger and frustration. The characters are so real, so easy to love! This show had me so invested for months! The reason I started watching it years ago was that my all time favourite artist Jesse McCartney was going to play a role in it (in what, Season 8 I believe?) and so I thought – why not watch everything as quickly as I can and try to finish everything before that season with Jesse would air. I succeeded, but not without tears! Below is a super cheesy and old fashioned trailer, but I hope some of you will look through that and give it a try. I would recommend this show to everyone!

The Vampire Diaries

Every week I have two nights and a Sunday afternoon all to myself. I like to use at least one of those me-nights for Netflix, to watch shows that I enjoy but can’t watch with Tom. A while ago I wanted to start a different show – have a little break from the several shows I was watching solo. In a guilty pleasure mood, I chose to watch the very first episode of The Vampire Diaries again. I have not stopped every since. I’m in the middle of Season 3 now. I have seen the entire thing (8 seasons!) until the very end when the show stopped in 2017. But watching it again 2 years later has me thrilled to binge it all over again!

Can’t explain it, but I just love this show. Or maybe I can explain. Paul Wesley. Ian Somerhalder. Do I need to say more?

(This trailer does not nearly show how great this show is but it’s the best I could find)

love Indira

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