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March 5, 2019 Books Comments

A year ago I wrote about my intention to read more books. I am quite proud to say that all the books in the picture I posted back then are crossed off my reading list. I recently bought a new book case and I hardly have any room left already, so it’s safe to say it’s going quite well on the reading front! I do still have to urge myself consciously to really make time to read, and so here’s another post to help motivate myself by setting some goals.

Let me start with a quick note on what I’m currently reading: Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I’m loving it. Really – it’s so intriguing to read how she grew up, and how much she’s accomplished throughout her life. I was very excited about getting to know her through her book, but I do have to say that I was confused a little when I heard that attending her stadium book tour sets people back at least 150 euros. Man. That’s a lot of money to ask from people.

But anyway! I have a new list of books I want to read and a new way to keep myself entertained and educated: I read somewhere that if you want to read more, it can be helpful to pick a general theme. And so I decided to pick out some countries I find interesting – be it as a vacation destination, a culture that is completely different from my own, or a politically interesting country, and buy books based on that.

Diana Gabaldon – The Fiery Cross

But first my guilty pleasure: Outlander. Just like the last book, I started reading this fifth book of the series before I really wanted to. The fourth season of the Outlander television show just ended a while ago, and we’ll all have to wait until at least September/November for the next season. I simply can’t wait that long! This story has had me under its spell since I first started watching the show two years ago. And so I’ve started reading, and hope to not finish too long before the new season starts. I love seeing how they translated it all to the small screen, and catching the differences and similarities as each episode goes on.

Catherine Lacey – Nobody Is Ever Missing

At the end of this year we want to travel for our real honeymoon. So we thought… No better time than to finally travel to New Zealand – something we’ve both dreamed of since forever, and we both want to do before we have children. We haven’t booked anything so far, as we have to actually get married first (and pay for the wedding). But to get myself in the mood for New Zealand (as if that’s necessary), I picked this book about a woman who, without telling anyone, packs a bag and takes off to New Zealand.

Miguel Syjuco – Ilustrado

Since I was looking at far away countries anyway, I also bought this book about a murder investigation, set in a Filipino context. Being half Filipino myself, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about Philippine history, and see how much I actually know about Filipino families and culture.

Hyeonseo Lee – The Girl With Seven Names

The mystery of North Korea always blows my mind. It’s 2019 and we know next to nothing about life in that country. I heard someone talk about this book about a woman who fled North Korea and lived to tell her incredible story. I can’t wait to get started on this one.

Well, I should be able to entertain myself with these titles in the next half year. However, should anyone have more suggestions for stories set in all kinds of countries all over the world, please let me know!

love Indira

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