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June 7, 2018 Personal Comments

Oh my God! Today it’s exactly one year until our wedding! From today onwards I allow myself to (slowly) really start organising the big day. We got engaged back in July, on our 9 year anniversary. In the weeks that followed we decided to not rush things, and at some point we concluded that we wanted an early summer wedding. It would be too soon for 2018, therefore we decided to just wait for 2019, allowing us to save some money and take our time. Now that we’re 1 year away from the wedding, I feel like I can start getting my itchy hands dirty 🙂

Step one: Location

Okay, let me clear up one thing: we have been doing something these past few months – but we agreed to not get started on anything further for the wedding before we found and secured a location.

Neither of us being religious in an active sense, we decided not to get married in a church. We also quickly agreed that we prefer to spend the whole day at one beautiful and comfortable location rather than moving ourselves and all those people between a ceremony location, and a dinner and party venue. Pretty quickly we also concluded that we’d like to get married in Rotterdam, as this city has really stolen our hearts ever since both our study-, and later, work lives started taking place here.

With these criteria we started out inquiring to a couple of locations back in November. I figured this would be a good time to start looking around – I mean, how many places are booked 1,5 years in advance? (Probably some, but not likely places we can or want to afford). After a few visits to a couple of places, considering pros and cons, and a second vist to one of our favourites, we finally decided to confirm the first place we visited together. The final decision and confirmation only happened about two weeks ago – perfect timing if you ask me, because with that first item ticked off the to do list you can imagine my eagerness to get on with all the rest!

Step two: Dress, dress, dress!

Of course I have been browsing a bit on Pinterest to get an idea of what kind of dress I could see myself wearing. At first I knew mainly what I certainly didn’t like: don’t expect me walking down the aisle in a dress that’s as big as the one in A Cinderella Story, and neither something so smooth as tight cake frosting. For those who are wondering: I thought Megan Markle’s dress was quite elegant after I looked at it long enough, but at first, and mostly when I look at it again, it reminded me mostly of a plain tablecloth (sorry princess!). So… her dress will not be on my mood board, so to say.

However, when I looked more specifically at the collection of a couple of stores here in Rotterdam I started finding a pattern in what I clicked on to look at more closely. Once I found a store which had quite a good number of dresses I wouldn’t mind trying on, I booked an appointment. So exciting! It will be on my birthday this August, which seems to me as a very fun way to celebrate my 25th summer on this earth. And 10 months before the wedding is OK timing according to the laws of wedding planning, right?

An impression of what makes my heart jump and my voice make excited sounds:

I can’t imagine at all trying on something as gorgeous as these examples myself, but I guess I have two months to wrap my head around the idea!


As you may have noticed, or at least can gather from the long stretches of time between my posts, I do not have a lot of time to keep up a weekly routine with blogging. I have waves of inspiration and will to write down some thoughts, but those waves are rare, and when they do happen mostly I only get half a draft done. But I do think it will be nice to document this journey a little bit. I recently scrolled all the way down to my first Facebook posts and it was hilarious and humbling to read the things that were on my mind all those years ago. It made me remember how much I enjoyed blogging back in the day, and reading my old stuff when I still had a big archive to click back into. Perhaps this wedding planning will give me more motivation to get back at it and get some of the feeling of routine and discipline that I used to have a decade ago when it came to blogging.

So, see you next time for steps three and four!

love Indira

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