Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis

September 24, 2017 Culture Comments

This weekend we visited the Dutch Museum of Photography (Nederlands Fotomuseum). There was this one particular photographer whose work I was eager to see, and having passed by the museum multiple times I was just overall curious to see what the place was like.

Having just purchased the Rotterdampas, which gives us either considerable discount or free entrance to cultural activities in and around Rotterdam, we had extra incentive to take the time to go visit. And man, are we happy we went. Sebastião Salgado’s work stole our hearts within seconds.

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love Indira


September 16, 2017 Travel Comments

Ah, Glaschu. The biggest city of Scotland, the third-largest in the UK. It didn’t feel that big to us, but then again, we only had about 36 hours there. The city where I had the luxury of living in the heart of the city, right on Buchanan Street, the busiest shopping street. Where I slept right above Zara, in the same street as Michael Kors and other similarly expensive stores that I never enter out of principle. Glasgow. One of the cities that I am determined to visit again at a slower pace.

My memories of Glasgow are a bit bittersweet. We ended our two week trip there, which not only meant being about to go back to the Netherlands, but also having to part ways with our rental car. Man, I loved that car. But OK, on to more relevant matters. Glasgow… I must say I was a bit hesitant at first judging from the surroundings where we returned our car, but I learned quickly enough that apparently, at least as a tourist, you’ll feel better once you’re north of the Clyde river. Local people, correct me if I’m wrong, will you?

Since I was only there very shortly, I’ll not be able to give you a complete sense of what Glasgow is like, but I would be happy to share with you the things I enjoyed over there. Starting with… where to eat. Because after finding our Airbnb apartment and dumping our luggage, which was 80% dirty laundry from all the hikes we did in the Highlands, that was all we could think of.

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love Indira

Wife to be

September 10, 2017 Personal Comments

It’s funny how people react sometimes when I answer their question on how long I’ve been together with my other half. Usually their first question is: Wait, how old were you again? 

I was lucky enough to bump into my now boyfriend of 9 years in high school, a year after I first stepped foot into that school. My group of close friends, who I met there as well, very often tell me how crazy but special it is that we’ve all known each other for so long, and that all this time him and I have been basically growing up together.

We went from worrying about homework (or, that would be me, he didn’t really care about homework but did very well with everything, the smarty pants) and how many movies we’d be able to watch in a row, to debating where to go for our studies, to deciding where to find our first apartment… Then what to wear to each other’s graduations, first BA, then MA, who would have thought… Now we’ve bought a house after we both celebrated getting our first jobs we love very much. It’s crazy, looking back. Looking forward, as well.

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