Scottish Highlands

August 26, 2017 Travel Comments

I remember it so well: last year we were sitting in the car, moving slowly towards a destination unknown to me, but very well known to Tom. According to him, we were headed towards my Christmas gift. But what could that possibly be, considering the dull surroundings we were driving through? As I tried guessing where we were going and what my gift would be, we drove into some industrial area where small businesses were located.

And then, at some point, there it was: a small little shop with the waving flag of Scotland just above it. What I do not remember so well was how long and how bad my hysterical reaction was. It was probably something like “*Gasp* Scotland! What’s that? That flag! Is this where we’re going? *Gasp* Scotland! Outlander! What are we doing? Say something! What is this? What’s in there? HELLO? Why are we here? Is that the flag of Scotland? Huh? SCOTLAND!”

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love Indira