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July 30, 2019 Personal Comments

I almost can’t believe it really finally happened, but on 7 June 2019 I tied the knot with my crush and boyfriend of 11 years! After 1,5 years of planning and preparing, we had an absolutely amazing day with our loved ones, friends, family, and other connections that play an important role in our lives.

Now, since weddings are usually full of clichés, and they are all true, I’m not going to report on the entire event. But I do have a couple of things on my mind that I would just briefly like to share.

Mind-blowing: Seeing your guests
It’s a completely surreal experience to see people from completely different contexts of your life move around in one place. Who knew a colleague I work with every single day would meet, for example, a cousin who lives in an entirely different city. It’s just so amazing to watch people interact who you would normally never see together in one location. I guess what’s even more beautiful to see is that you realise you surround yourself with a certain type of people, and when they meet they really get along too, because logically they would also be each other’s type!

Photo and video are worth every single penny
Photographers and videographers are amazing. I already had a lot of respect for people who follow their passion in photo and video, but this has only grown through my experience with our own amazing dynamic duo (they had never met before but worked soooo well together!). The way someone has their own style and manage to capture everything so well and which such amazing quality is just so admirable! They can be one of your biggest expenses but it’s absolutely worth all the money.

What’s actually quite funny is that a year before the wedding I posted about picking out a dress as a next step after having confirmed a wedding location. The image I posted actually contained the wedding dress I ended up buying (bottom right).

I ended up not really posting about all the wedding preparations. But if you want tips and recommendations, feel free to reach out! 🙂

love Indira

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